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Pasta and Sauces

During my childhood I spent the summers with my grandparents. These family vacations have always played a very important role in our lives as they were the only time of the year when got to spend two full months together. We played together, cooked together, and even worked together since summer was the time when we made all the jam, compote, dilled pickle, and different sauces for the rest of the year. For our family the hottest month of the summer was about making pasta. Everybody had their own part in the process, the girls kneaded the dough, the children managed the dough sheeter machine while the boys set up the drying racks. We kept on making noodles for days. Shells, butterflies, curly penne. You name it. We definitely made it at one point or another. Maybe it is because of these summers that I like to think that this is how the real Italian mammas make their pasta as well. An Italian family is held together not just by their shared love of football and their familial relationships, but also by sharing a bottle of white wine while enjoying a plate of perfectly prepared spaghetti carbonara together. Pasta is the soul of an Italian family!

From Antonio to Jamie

It’s no coincidence that from Antonio Carluccio to Jamie Oliver, every chef who had his or her own show has tried to unravel the secret behind the making of these seemingly simple Italian pasta dishes. During the second half of the 20th century a lot of nations’ gastro culture has gone through quite the revolution which process is considered to be the influence of the Italian cuisine. But what did the Italians give to Europe? Of course, everybody has heard of or even seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum, to just mention a few, and everybody knows what I’m talking about when I say Armani, Gucci, Ferrari, or Lamborghini. But we also shouldn’t forget about Antonio Mario Gaetano Carluccio. Antonio Carluccio is known to many as the “godfather of Italian cuisine”. But he didn’t start off like that. It took a long journey until the whole world got to know Signore Carluccio. At a young age, after serving in the navy, he worked as a journalist and later made his living selling typewriters. He moved to Vienna and then to Hamburg to learn German, and then moved his headquarters to London, where he managed the import and sale of Italian wines. But his career as the beloved chef as we know him only started when he got employed in a restaurant run by his brother-in-law, Cover Garden. He later took over this place with his wife, Priscilla, and made it into one of the most successful and well-known Italian restaurants in the world. Antonio Carluccio’s dishes’ owed their popularity and success not only to their immaculate preparation but also to their simplicity. These classic or nowadays considered classic Italian dishes were the ones which earned his restaurant its place amongst the bests. Later, as is customary with popular chefs, BBC made a cooking show with him and his friend and colleague Gennaro Contaldo entitled Two Greedy Italians. His personality and knowledge of Italian cuisine enchanted not only the English elite but also a young boy who at that time was still working as an apprentice and is now known to everyone as the “naked chef”. Yes, he’s Jamie Oliver, who, after his master’s death in 2017, carried on the tradition of loving Italian food and in 2018 even published his cookbook for the joyful, tasty Italian food enthusiasts titled – Jamie’s cooks Italy.

Pasta and pastasciutta

A true gourmet traveling around in Italy needs to know where to find the best spaghetti aglio e olio in the city, also known as the last resort of people suffering simultaneously from hunger and a lack of time. Spaghetti with nothing else but garlic and olive oil. What could be the secret of these Italian noodles that everyone seems so passionate about?

Italians have many different versions and answers regarding the origin story of one of their national dishes, pasta. Some claim it originates from Rome while others say it is from Naples. They also couldn’t agree more on disagreeing on their ingredients for their pasta. Some swear by whole wheat flour, water, and salt to get the perfect dough, others believe in plain white flour and eggs. Well, there’s no accounting for taste. But one thing is for sure, Italians know their pasta and how to cook the most perfect dishes of them.

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