Awesome Things
About eatvo

Let us introduce you to our online market, that has the fastest grocery delivery time in Hungary.
We started our journey in October, 2020. Our goal was really simple; to offer a solution for the time, money and energy that people tend to waste on grocery shopping. Before, you had to stand in line, or wait hours to get your groceries delivered. Now with eatvo, we make sure that you will get your order delivered in a matter of minutes, from the comfort of your home. Our eatvo team is growing day by day to serve the thousands of customers, who are already choosing the most comfortable way to do their groceries.


At eatvo we are delivering your orders straight from our own warehouse which is equipped with numerous fridges, freezers, shelves and baskets for fresh fruits and vegetables and we even have our own bakery section ready to provide you with warm baked goods.

Our couriers stand by at the warehouse at all time, to be able to pack your orders in no time and deliver it as fast as possible. You can follow them step by step and receive notifications when your order is accpeted, being prepared, and when it is on it’s way to you!


Our Mission

To take grocery shopping to the next level by providing the fastest delivery app in Hungary. We spare the time and the energy of everyday people and cutting the lines by getting them what they need, whenever they need it.

Our Vision

To create a future where every basic necessity can be delivered at your doorstep in minutes.